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Leading the Industry Growth in Nicaragua

As we approach 2018, we will be celebrating 25 years of being in business in Nicaragua. For us, this is not a minor milestone. Being one of the oldest privately owned manufacturers in the country, we are excited for the goals that we have set for the future. Our team inherited years of experience in manufacturing from our original founding crew, some of whom are still with us to this day. We continue to uphold the core values which allow us to operate effciently and provide the quality service that defines us with our clients.

Today, we change and adapt to the market and trends that define the manufacturing industry. We stay up to date with technology and strengthen our talent pool with experts coming from all over the globe. We have been vertically integrating many of the production processes by partnering up with some of the strongest providers in the market. This allows us to provide a quick response on many of the key elements required to provide excellence on all products requested by our clients.

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25 years of Manufacturing for Premium Brands


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