Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services


Rocedes Manufacturing facility in Managua produces more than 150,000 high quality garments per week to be exported to the United States and European markets. The factory is a vertically integrated operation and has a highly trained professional team for every step of the process. From planning and understanding your program requirements, all the way to the point of product reception, your continuous feedback and communication helps us improve and ensure that your supply chain needs are met with the highest of standards.

Our specialty is simultaneous multi-style product runs. Whether it is small specialized orders of one hundred pairs or production runs going into the thousands, our lines are suited to adapt to daily production needs without sacrificing any lead time or quality.


Our adaptability to new processes of manufacturing comes in part from close cooperation and relationships with our customers and partners. Their years of process experience and access to specialized technologies allow us for a quick and smooth transition between our standard operations and more specialized needs.

Pattern Making & Marker Capabilities

The industry has evolved and we have evolved with it. Today we are utilizing internationally renowned CAD software to design, mark, plot and manage each of more than 450 styles that we run in our sewing lines.
Our marker making team is experienced in competing and beating auto nesting software to provide the most efficient fabric utilization possible.

Sample Development

We encourage and promote the best sewing operators into becoming part of our elite team of sample makers. Each person is an expert in at least 5 different sewing operations, and brings years of craftsmanship and experience to create a product that will meet all of our clients’ design expectations and become well suited to run in a production line.

The effect is multiplied by the synergy between our engineering and pattern maker teams working hand in hand to quickly and effciently turn a prototype idea into a final production ready style.

Embroidery & Others

Lastly, our team is staffed with a dedicated embroidery specialist to add the extra element of personalization with a carefully designed embroidery artwork to put your brand logo or a unique design touch to your products.

Speed to Market

As manufacturers, we are centralized and in close proximity to the United States. Whether it is for prototype development and sale samples, or production runs, our process is focused on providing you with a quick turn around on your specialized product.

Full Package Capabilities

We are a full package manufacturer as well as a CMT provider. We have capabilities to manufacture and dye our own fabric, as well as store and hold large inventories of trims and primary materials.

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